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CSPB/SCBV Education Committee Events

We will post upcoming outreach events on this page. Past events and information from those meetings are also included below

Upcoming CSPB/SCBV Education Outreach Events

No currently scheduled upcoming events

Past CSPB/SCBV Education Outreach Events

Fascination of Plants Day, May 18th 2017 


If you are organizing an activity for Fascination of Plants day please email Emily Indriolo (indriolo@nmsu.edu), so that she can update the Canada specific page.

If you would like materials for a local activity please feel free to use or edit and modify some prepared information and activity sheets made for CSPB members to use.

Record and update us on your local activity for Fascination of Plants Day.

Canadian Plant Biotech Meeting, Kingston, ON June 2016

The focus of the workshop was on classroom management. I would like to thank our panelists for their participation in the workshop; Lacey amuels (UBC), Shelley Hepworth (Carelton), and Jake Stout (U of M).

We addressed how to handle classroom situations with various topics as prompts and each panelist giving their own experience and advice on how to handle various student situations. One topic which came up most frequently were the topic of exams and how to talk and act with students in regards to when they are writing exams, how you discuss exam results with students and how this is a very sensitive subject for a professor to deal with.

2013 Education workshop at the CSPB annual meeting

Madoka Gray-Mitsumune (Concordia U) Plagiarism: Let s shed some light on the dark subject.

Does it happen in your classroom? Do your students really know what constitutes plagiarism? Chances are that anywhere between 5 to 15 % of your students are submitting plagiarized works. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes unknowingly. How do you detect plagiarism? How do you deal with the large spectrum of not-straightforward cases of plagiarism? How do we teach students? What should the sanctions be? These questions will be addressed in the workshop. Your input is welcome!

[Slide file] [CSPB plagiarism faculty survey results ] [ CSPB plagiarism student survey results] 

2012 Education symposium at the CSPB annual meeting

Emily Indriolo (U Toronto) An introduction of Planting Science An opportunity for education and outreach for CSPP [Slide file] [ The Planting Science website]

Shona Ellis (UBC) Integrating Sustainability into a Biology Program: a work in progress.  

Santokh Sinh (UBC) Evaluating the impact of new instructional strategies and assessment methods on student learning in an undergraduate plant physiology laboratory. Lacey Samuels (UBC) First Year Seminar in Science: an introduction to the writing and culture of science.

If you have suggestions for future workshop/symposium topics, please contact CSPB education education@cspb-scbv.ca.

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