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The following is a list of courses (undergraduate and graduate) related to plant science which are given by members of the CSPB. The purpose of this list is to provide inspiration to new faculty members or to those who want to set up a new course. Contact information is provided to allow direct communication with the course instructors. 

Courses are grouped in the following categories:


Teaching and Learning:

Assessment of Student Work:
  • Angelo,T.A.; Cross,K.P. 1993. Classroom Assessment Techniques. Jossey-Bass. ISBN 1-55542-500-3. 
    Exercises that can be used for non grading purposes to facilitate learner self-evaluation as well as to give rapid feedback to an instructor on the success of the student's learning.
  • Biggs,J. 1999. Teaching for Quality Learning at University. Open University Press, Buckingham, UK. ISBN 0-335-20171-7 
    This book gives a good overview of university teaching and summarizes Biggs work on 'constructive alignment to promote deep learning with assessment using his SOLO Taxonomy.
  • Fraser,K. 1996. Student Centred Teaching: The Development and Use of Conceptual Frameworks. HERDSA Green Guide No. 18. ISBN 0-908557-37-X. A primer on the use of concept maps for, amongst other things, course review.
  • Hazel, E.; Baillie, C. 1998. Improving Teaching and Learning in LaboratoriesHERDSA Gold Guide No. 4. ISBN 0-908557-43-4. This guide has chapters on assessing laboratory work and evaluating laboratory exercises.
Evaluation of Instruction and Curricula: Technology:

Plant Biology Resources

Biology Labs Online 
Plants in Motion 
Science and Plantsfor Schools The SAPS organization promotes plant science and molecular biology teaching. The organisation produces a newsletter.
Osmosis with details of laboratory exercises. 

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