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Membres en début de carrière

Featured New Faculty & Postdocs

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Previously featured early career members can be found here or check out their features in our past bulletins!

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Dr. Catherine Cullingham

Assistant Professor, Carleton University

Dr. Cullingham's research uses landscape genetics and population genomics to fill knowledge gaps and develop tools that can be applied to issues in forestry and wildlife management. 

Dr. Mehran Dastmalchi

Assistant Professor, McGill University

Dr. Dastlmachi's lab studies metabolism in legume species (Fabaceae), with interest in pathways producing defence compounds.

Budding Ideas

Editor: Adrian Monthony, PhD Student, Université Laval

The Budding Ideas column is an early career member contribution to the CSPB Bulletin which was initiated in Fall 2021. This column was created after the EDI Committee’s most recent survey brought to light that our Society could do more to engage with early career members at the graduate student and post- doctoral level. This column is one way to give graduate and post-doc members an opportunity to engage with the society, by sharing their interests, research and musings on topics touching STEM and plant biology, in short and sometimes unorthodox ways. The column is currently edited by EDI Committee member Adrian Monthony. Please email admin@cspb-scbv.ca with questions. 

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Dear Auxin: An ode to the master hormone 

Sonhita Chakraborty, UoT

Minimizing lab waste through sustainable lab practices

Praveen Khatri, UWO

Dr. Ainsely Lewis

Postdoctoral Fellow

Trent University

Current Research: Plant & bacterial metabolomics via high resolution mass spectrometry

Dr. Lauren Erland

Postdoctoral Fellow


Current Research: Melatonin, serotonin &  phytohormones in plant climate change perception & response

Dr. Purva Karia

Postdoctoral Scientist

Carnegie Institute

Current Research: Sorghum Metabolite Atlas  - localization & function of metabolic enzymes

Dr. Mohamed Samir Youssef

Research Associate

University of Manitoba

Current Research: Molecular mechanisms of plant abiotic stress tolerance

 If you have any suggestions of information you would like to see listed here please contact the CSPB student and post-doctoral representative Jennifer Hoogenboom studentrep@cspb-scbv.ca

Si vous avez des suggestions ou d'information que vous voulez voir ici SVP contactez representative étudiant et postdoc Jennifer Hoogenboom à studentrep@cspb-scbv.ca

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